In New England, we still have so much snow covering the ground and such cold temperatures that the idea of Spring seems far off. But Spring is more than warmer temperatures and flowers. Spring is a shift of the axis of the Earth, getting us closer to the Sun. We usually forget that this shift is happening.

Our internal shifts happen in similar ways; it is a slow process. At first we just feel it, but don’t see many outside signs, however as we continue to work, the results become more visible. If we want to invite changes in our life, we have to go to our core, our axis, and work from there with patience and persistence.

The name “March” comes from “Mars”, the roman God of war. His month Martius was the beginning of the season for both farming and warfare. Interesting enough, both areas invite change and transformation.

snow-flowersIn terms of our internal farming, what do we want to plant for the future of our lives? March can be an internal shift, starting with thinking of our dreams and hopes for the future. Like farmers we should know that the weather always changes, nothing will stay difficult forever. Like farmers let us keep our hopes and dreams high, and tend the soil and spread the seeds, with the hope for a big harvest.

By paying attention to such combinations of soil and what to seed, we can learn to avoid disappointments of harvest. Studying our grounds (ourselves) and knowing what to plant (our gifts in life) is a big part of a successful harvest.

As for warfare, I would refer to gathering the courage to confront a situation with determination. Even with fear, we go ahead and confront the difficult situation. We think that to have courage is to have no fear, but to be brave is actually to know and be intimate with your fear. Courage is to believe that you are worthy, and that in baby steps, even with fear, you can reach your dreams and hopes.

If we invoke the hope, patience and persistence of a farmer and the courage of a warrior we will harvest our dreams!