What is coaching?

It is a development or adjusting process of leadership skills to attain professional or organizational goals. It can also be used to assist on decision-making and transitions in career life. Coach is based on performance-related and psychological principles.

 How does coaching work?

It should happen on supportive/non judgmental environment, and can be on one-to-one or on small group of people. The process reflects ideas, and evokes solutions. It is a gentle, collaborative way to raise awareness of strengths and internal obstacles. It is a partnership and requires commitment, focus and engagement.

What can I gain from coaching?

  •  Greater awareness and internal growth
  • Positive impact on quality of work performance and relationships
  • Clarity of values and goals and what it will take to accomplish
  • Guidance on making an effective plan of actions towards the goal established
  • Feedback and support on behavior modification needed towards accomplishing the goals established
  • Building new and efficient set of leadership skills
  • Help building and maintaining self-confidence, positive attitude and stress management
  • Focus to brake with old patterns of thinking
  • Validation and encouragement for trying new and creative ways of approaching work and life
  • Feedback and encouragement of a desired healthy and balanced life style

How soon can I expect results?

Usually in just a few sessions results are already shown. Clients’ thinking and attitudes will improve and she/he will be engaged on beneficial changes towards their desired outcome. The coaching process can vary between 3 to 12 months, depending on clients’ goals.