How are you investing in your staff development? How is the stress level in your organization?

Do you need help with assisting an executive in your organization?

The coaching approach has shown to accelerate and improve executive and team performance, in a valued effective manner. With a customized approach, Dal evaluates the culture of the organization/executive/team and identifies specific changes needed for best results. She provides focused and specific feedback on the process of implementation of lasting changes. Dal will foster strategies that will allow resilience and advancement.

Group/Team Coaching

It is in relationships that we mostly find our challenges and opportunities to grow as a person and leader. With many years of experience and good assessment skills, Dal assists individuals, teams and organizations to better achieve:

  • Alignment of goals
  • Development of effective communication
  • Increase of team collaboration and morale
  • Assessment of executive’s effectiveness
  • Development and retaining of valuable employees
  • Management adjustment for best performance
  • Diversity and respect
  • Skills in global workplace

Dal can connect by telephone, e-mails, webcast via computer, or in person.  She believes that an authentic and strong coaching relationship is essential for productive and effective results, and she is gifted in developing a safe and easy environment in which individuals can explore and achieve their best potential.

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