Adalgisa Barison Holtrop, “Dal”, is a global executive coach who assists individuals, teams and organizations to evaluate and enrich personal vocations and maximize their social and emotional intelligence performance.

Since 2002 Dal has worked with a wide variety of clients to discover their goals and assist them to grow towards a more satisfying and effective life. Dal has a wealth of knowledge and great ability to assist people, with core principles of human growth and effectiveness. She knows what it takes to guide clients in the path between confusion to clarity. She is an expert in the subject of balancing work, and parenting, family life demands. Dal advocates for balancing work and family life for the benefit of greater society, and has taught inspiring workshops in this subject.

Dal was born in Brazil and has been living in North America and Europe for more than 20 years. This life experience, and being in a cross-cultural marriage of almost 15 years, makes Dal skilled in multiculturalism and global citizenship. She speaks fluent Portuguese, Spanish and English and is currently working on her Dutch. Dal is a learner and is always engaged in studying and expanding her knowledge in life.

Dal has worked internationally and has been assisting expatriates, individuals and groups to bridge gaps of culture, adapt to current situations, and expand their lives and business horizons. Dal holds a Bachelor in Education and a Masters Degree in Social Work.

Coach is an art and science form. With a solid theoretical background and long life journey as a modern dancer, Dal approaches coaching with creativity and diligence. She is an advocate of engaging body in the search for a fulfilled, sustainable and healthy life style. She has developed an acute sense for body language and body’s expressions and utilizes these skills to assist her clients to maximize their professional and personal potentials.

Clients and colleagues describe Dal as a good listener, compassionate, genuine, intelligent, sharp and deep in her coaching.