“A seed hidden in the heart of an apple is an orchard invisible.”
– A Welsh proverb

Walk around your thoughts, feelings and dreams and carefully explore what they are about. Pay attention to the trees of your thoughts, feelings, and dreams that are the core of your being. What do these trees need? Give them space without weeds, with exposure to sun and light, give them better soil and some food to strength the roots, and observe what happens. Be patient and watch how slowly these trees of your thoughts, feelings and dreams, once nurtured, will grow and develop with more purpose and direction. Then, and only then, can you enjoy and share the fruits of your orchard of life!

Child picking an apple.I think everyone has a “hidden orchard of potential”. In order for us to uncover and spread this orchard of potential, it is necessary that we take time and energy to uncover our true selves. What are the trees planted in our orchard back when we were small and dreaming about the future? What are the fruits/dreams that our trees carry? Why did we abandon some parts of our orchard? Questions like these are full of hidden treasures, because they lead us to the fundamentals of our being. It is in these fundamentals that we can uncover the hidden orchard that can offer the most beautiful fruits of our being.
We have many roles in our lives, being parents, children, partners, professionals…, but beyond these roles is what makes us unique, our dreams are what makes us unique. Our uniqueness usually is attached to something we can share with the world. The gift of our dreams is often hidden in our orchard and sometimes, for some reason, this orchard got forgotten or shamed. Discover what has happen to your orchard, because once you have found your core hidden trees and have nurtured them, strength comes to you, and you can then share the many fruits!

Happy Fall!