We are inundated with outside pressures to conform to certain values that are not necessarily our own: be a certain kind of professional, adopt some lifestyle, dress this way, go to these places, etc. Sometimes it seems easier to ignore crucial aspects of our own lives and just keep living according to what is expected from us, put on the automatic pilot and move forward. But how long can we ignore the nagging voice inside of us, calling for more authenticity?

The ways we have been pressured to live leaves us with barely enough time and energy to tend to our own inner self. So much emphasis is on the doing, that we sometimes get tricked about being. With so much doing and so much to conform to, it is a struggle to find moments of reflection and introspection. Can we really achieve authenticity if we do not understand ourselves? For us to have a better understanding of who we are we need to look at causes and conditions that impact us in everyday life. We also need to develop a non-judgmental attitude towards ourselves, so we can move forward to a more compassionate and balanced living.


To be authentic is more being in a journey than to have gained or accomplished something. We have a tendency to believe that certain values, virtues, or state of mind simply exists, and we have it or not. This is a simplistic and rather narrow view of our human experience. To become more connected to others and ourselves, and to savor more of our lives, we need to be in this complex journey of trying to create balance and well being within our everyday activities. Perhaps we need to notice more how it feels when we are being authentic by deeply observing our thoughts and feelings, and being in touch with our body’s messages. With this self-observation we can create a map of positive routes that we can refer to when it is needed.

For us to be authentic, we need to be in a process of understanding who we are in this world of confusion and doubt. We can search for a more balanced lifestyle, understanding the forces within and outside us, which condition our actions. To be authentic is to be not fearful of searching for more conscious awareness, and practice surrender to the mystery of life.