heart shaped stones

Appreciation: the recognition of good qualities of someone or something. I find when we reflect on someone’s good traits, we learn to take in these qualities. By observing what we like in others we can start fostering those qualities in ourselves. Who are the people we appreciate and why is it so?
People very unlike one another often find that along with their differences exist shared threads of common experiences. One of these universal experiences is that we all like being appreciated. With that in mind, no matter where we live, or where we work, or with whom we relate, let us remember to appreciate each other, because this is one of our common bonds. Let us not forget to appreciate ourselves! Doing so, we are giving positive signals of recognition, acceptance and inspiration.

Appreciation can inspire us to try our best. When someone does something we find worth noticing, give positive feedback. When we feel noticed by others in a positive way, we feel inspired to continue our work, doing good deeds and positively impacting others. When we feel appreciated we usually go the extra mile!

Grey zen stone in shape of heart, on sand backgroundWe have a natural inclination to appreciate people and traits that are nice. That is good, and we need to continue recognizing this. Ironically though, the people and traits that challenge us are the ones that make us grow the most. These people and traits can be the catalysts for our own self-awareness and growth transformation. Who are they in your life?

Finding the answers to these questions can give us more clarity about our values and who we are. The more we know about ourselves, the more comfortable we get with who we are, gaining more clarity where our efforts need to concentrate in order to advance. The more comfortable we are with ourselves and the more advances we make, the happier we live.