We have been fostering a culture where we are expected to have high energy, power and strength at all times. Successful people are considered the ones that achieve these requirements. What we forget is that there are costs to this expectation. These costs can come from different sources, from our own health, from our family, from lack of sleep, from our constant worry and lack of internal peace…These costs are not healthy nor humanely geared, but real. Why, as a culture, do we still extract immense costs from individuals, families and society in order to succeed?

We need to achieve a level of human development where we work towards fostering more creativity with purposes to achieve power, strength and high energy, without unhealthy costs. The first step towards a change is usually awareness and a life-long spirit of inquiry. Let us take a good look at our lives and ask ourselves what are our purposes and values.

Redefine Success

According to the dictionary success means “accomplishment of an aim or purpose”. We need to first redefine what it is to be successful in our lives. The more clarity we achieve, the better chances we have to be successful. With this definition in mind, if our life in practice does not align with how we fundamentally want our life and society to unfold, how successful are we?

To be a good leader of our own life, or a group, or a company, it is required that we have courage and commitment to achieve individual and social purposes with responsibility. To a great extend it is in our hands to make our life a successful one. With inquiry of our own experiences we can achieve a deeper understanding of our own world and purposes, and therefore make healthier and responsible choices. By remembering to pace ourselves and to set small and realistic, meaningful and achievable goals we have greater chances to achieve fulfillment and personal success. When we align our efforts with our own common purposes, energy, power and strength come naturally!